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Sample Reports

Half of my job is delivering a clear and concise report to the buyer or client. If the report does not express the true condition of the building, what is the point of having an inspection in the first place? My goal is always to provide the client with an easy to read and easy to understand report. This is why I include extensive photos, which are marked up and correlated to the report narrative, and I also include an MP3 audio note file taken during the time of the inspection.

Below are some samples of my inspections. These are taken from real live jobs, which I have done. The names and personal information have been changed, to protect my clients. But the substance is from real jobs.

While I do have a template form for my documents, you will observe, that each of these reports are customized for each home. These are classic examples of my work.

If you are wondering what yours might look like, check out these examples:

Residential 1.pdf

Commercial 1.pdf

Residential 2.pdf

Residential 3.pdf


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Pre-Inspection Agreement Form

Download my pre-inspection agreement form and print it out before you arrive at your scheduled inspection. Download the form in PFD format HERE.


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