Well Water System Inspections

Well Systems: What you need to know!

Do you have a private or shared well water system connected to your home or building? Are you considering buying a property which has a private or shared water system, and are you wondering about the water quality? Trek Inspection Services has much experience in this field, and can help you navigate through this process.  

Your system can be inspected for proper installation and maintenance issues and water quality tests can be done for your well water systems, with a variety of possible tests.  

Inspector, Bob Pilch, has over 13 years of experience as a Group B (Shared) system manager, and well system inspector.  Private and shared water systems can be complex and difficult to understand for the average person, since it often involves chemical processing, electronic controls, critical elements; and especially if you have never been on a private or shared water system. There are special things that you should be made aware of, for you consideration.

The typical system inspection process includes: a well sight and attached equipment inspection, code compliance, and water quality test(s) completed by a state certified lab. The typical battery of water quality tests include: Bacteria (total coliform) , Iron, Nitrates, and Manganese.  Other contaminates can be tested as well, such as Sulfur or Radon or Arsenic, since it up to you and your discretion, and how much money you want to spend on testing. Most addition testing runs about $25 per additional Item. Most water quality tests take about 1-2 weeks to complete, and the test results are mailed directly to the client, from the lab. Trek Inspection Services will properly obtain your water samples and deliver them to the lab for testing.  A short and concise report about the well system and component inspection is provided to the client. 

Most system inspections and water quality tests start at $350, and go up from there.  This includes a bacteria test in the base fee. If you desire to have more contaminate tests done, there is an additional $25 per item.  Bob can help you narrow down your list so that you are testing for reasonable items. There is also a small trip fee added, where about $1.10/mile is added to the inspection fee. I am based in Puyallup, but I am willing to go to most locations in Western Washington for residential needs.  There is a $75 discount if you include a building inspection along with the water system test and inspection.

If you are in need of such services, please call or text me at 253-279-1535, or email me at trekinspection@yahoo.com.  Thank you.

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Pre-Inspection Agreement Form

Download my pre-inspection agreement form and print it out before you arrive at your scheduled inspection. Download the form in PDF format HERE.

 Bob Pilch
 Licensed Building Inspector

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