Recent Commercial Buildings Inspected by Trek Inspection Services--Sample Reports

These are photos and reports and videos of actual inspections done recently by Trek Inspection Services in the Northwest.  The reports have been sanitized (the names and info has been changed or redacted) to protect the clients. This is what your report will look like for your next Commercial Building Inspection. This is the kind of quality and detail you should expect from any commercial building inspection.

Graham, WA.  The Ridge Bible Church -- 4400 sq.ft (built 1970). Dec.28, 2021

Sanitized Report

Seattle, WA Commercial Bldg. 7000 sq.ft. (Built 1946) -- Jun.2, 2021  Sanitized Report

Cost Estimate of Repairs

Puyallup Commercial Office Buildings, 25966 sq.ft.-- Mar. 23, 2021   Sanitized Report

Gig Harbor, WA Commercial Bldgs, 14198 sq.ft. Mar. 1, 2021  Sanitized Report

Spokane Medical Office Building, 6700 sq.ft.  -- Apr.16, 2018    Sanitized Report

Comment from the Client (Re-printed by permission from the client):

Hi Bob, just wanted to let you know that you did an excellent job on the inspection report. My son and I have seen many, many inspection reports over the years and yours was better than the best!!!!!!!!! 
Regards, Bob 

Tukwila Office Building, 15,000 Sq.Ft. -- April 3, 2018       Sanitized Report

Spokane Hotel/Motel 58 units, 20890 sq.ft.  -- Mar.22, 2017  Sanitized Report   Roof Video

Feb.10, 2017 -- 9680 sq.ft. in Federal Way -- Sanitized Report

Nov.30,2016 -- 5672 sq.ft. in Silverdale  -- Sanitized Report   Roof Video

May 22, 2016 -- 3969 sq.ft. in Spokane

Oct.10, 2016  -- 21476 sq.ft in Sunnyside.  34 units   Roof Video

Feb.20, 2016 -- 6356 sq.ft. in Kirkland.  10 Units

Aug.5, 2016 -- 4300 sq.ft in Puyallup   Roof Video

Jun.9, 2016 -- 3216 sq.ft. in  Yakima   Roof Video

Jun. 3, 2016 -- 3300sq.ft. in Auburn.     Roof Video

Jun.5, 2016 -- 33816sq.ft. in Scapoose.

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